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Watch the Visual Ethnography here


This is a short film about community, passion and competitiveness, told through the narrative of Thomas, an excellent sailor. 


The video featured here is the first thing I ever edited together for the sailing club! 

It features Gabriel and myself going for our final sail of the summer together at Whitstable.


I really enjoyed the process of editing this video and have made a few more like it since. 


I knew that if I made my visual ethnography about sailing, the planning, filming, and editing process would be something that I would enjoy much more. 

This video, filmed on a go-pro, is very amateur and I hope my visual ethnography comparatively shows how much my filming and editing skills have developed since making this. 

Since joining the Race Team four years ago, I have spent a lot of time at Westbere. I love spending the afternoon here and watching the sun go down as we come off the water and pack the boats away. 

My goal was not only to make a film about sailing, but to showcase a beautiful location which means a lot to me at the same time. In the future I know that I will reminisce about all the memories I have made at the lake whilst being a part of this superb club. 

The boys that feature in this video are among some of the closest friends I have made whilst at University. When making the video, a goal I had in mind was to represent this sense of community and fraternity amongst us, as this is an important feature of the way we sail together and why we enjoy it so much. 

Finally, the competitive nature that we all share and the sense of competition both on and off the water was important for me to try and capture as I believe that there is something unique about it.

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